Ask your parliamentary candidates to prioritise child health

Make your voice heard. The UK General Election is a fantastic opportunity to encourage local candidates to support children's health and the NHS workforce if elected. Find out more about our e-action and how you can get involved below. 
We invite College members living in the UK to email your candidates with this e-action. It takes just a few minutes and can help make a difference. 

What we are asking

Too often the needs of children and young people are forgotten by policymakers in national and local governments. You can help change this. We want candidates across the country and the political spectrum to make clear how they will prioritise children’s health in a changing world if elected to Parliament.
From greater support for the child health workforce to tackling child poverty and climate change, the College has set out recommendations under seven priorities in the RCPCH Manifesto that we know will help improve child health outcomes if adopted.
By using our template letter to email all your local candidates you can help ensure that your next MP is a champion both for children and the workforce that supports them.

Use our template to email your candidates

Our template letter can be emailed to all your local candidates in its current form. We encourage you to add anything from your professional experience to highlight why it is important to you for candidates to respond. After the election we will support you to follow up with your MP on these key issues.
RCPCH is a charitable organisation and as such we operate in a politically neutral manner. We never endorse political parties or movements, and work with representatives of all parties equally. Your email will go to all candidates in your local area for whom we have email addresses. Our UK General Election FAQs webpage provides members with further information about why engaging with PPCs is important, how else you can raise the College's priorities and how you should act if representing the College.  
Enter your postcode to edit and send your email. You may find that some of your candidates do not have email addresses listed. If this is the case for the majority of candidates, we recommend taking this e-action another time as data is being added in real time. 
For more information about how we will use your data please see this privacy notice.